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When you order either the four- or six-bottle package today, you will be automatically enrolled in our 90-day membership program for future savings and convenience. You will lock in a great low price of $111.96 for 4 bottles of BetterWOMAN plus only $9.99 for s/h starting at your next shipment. After 90 days, and every 90 days thereafter,  you will receive a fresh shipment of four bottles, charged to the credit card you provide today. You have no obligation to meet any minimum purchase quantity and can cancel or customize your order at any time with a seven-day advance notice before the next shipment. This program provides savings and convenience, so you will not run out of the product. (Credit card order only. Standard s/h costs will apply for non-US shipping addresses.) .... Suggested Dosage: Each bottle contains 40 capsules. 2 Capsules daily. Take a 3-day break between each bottle. Minimum dosage 4 bottles. Continue use thereafter for ongoing improvement and maintenance.